Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cybernetic Senses: What It's Like to Hear in Color

Neil Harbisson with his "eyeborg" and his art
This week we've got a really cool TED Talk about a man who is, as far as his eyes are concerned, completely color blind. But when it comes to his ears, he has access to more colors than the average human. Since Neil Harbisson cannot see in color, he hears colors instead. This allows him to visually translate sound. (At left is  Harbisson with two of his visual  sound representations.) He can also hear things that are visual. For instance, he can not only hear a human's voice in the typical way, but he can also hear that person's face.

What some might consider a limitation has, with some scientific help, allowed Harbisson to extend beyond typical human capabilities. He is a proud cyborg living in a sweet-sounding world of color. Check it out!

Have a good rest of your Labor Day weekend!

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