Friday, January 2, 2015

"Story of a Dreamer" - Linnea Goranson

Hey everyone! We hope everyone's 2015 is off to a nice start. Do you all remember Linnea Goranson?  Last month, we shared one of Linnea's stories about her life. This week, we are featuring another of her stories, this time written in the first-person. Linnea talks about being a dreamer, letting go of people who cannot remain in our lives, and finding things to live for. Enjoy!

Story of a Dreamer 
When I first noticed that I was a dreamer, it was later in life because it felt like I was different from anyone else but I still feel that way throughout my life. In my reflection of my childhood and teenage years, no one thought that I could dream big and turn out to be a more positive person that I wanted to be! I did that all by myself, but I had a lot of help from my parents and brothers, especially the people who already touched and enriched in my life.  
You can’t explain or describe in words of how to dream, but you can keep your heart open to everything around you and always keep your eyes wide open every day to see things that other people don’t see. When you start to dream, you see what happens, how they evolve in time by changing who you really are from the inside and make you feel that there is something there to believe in even though no one could see it!

You have to believe in yourself, just like me, to bring out your inner rock star into reality. I learned that hiding my true self from the people that I love and trying to keep it a secret does not work, so I tried to show it off and found out that I can have it all and make sure I don’t go overboard and not to forget other people in my life! I am starting to feel that sometimes I want something more than I could see, but it is very hard to pursue it even though my life has to move on! Also, my inner rock star always shows me how to see things differently and I always need to know how to follow my heart every way I go! In life, it feels like everything looks different but I still follow my heart even though I see myself like a rock star from the inside. It makes me feel that I can dream about anything! 
Sometimes, when I have to face the hardest truth of being a rock star and life, it feels like there is no way out but to accept the possibilities of letting go the people who are forced to move on, and I was taught that way but to show respect and their desires. Then I felt like this isn’t me, the real me and I realized, why do I need to accept this? In my heart, I felt that I do not accept this but to focus on being myself and try to let go and not get obsessed about it, what do you think? I think maybe we all cannot get obsessed about learning how to let go when people decide to move on in life even though sometimes they don’t want to move on or being forced out because of something like a job for an example. I guess the love and compassion of having a job is something to live for and also learning how to face the truth of not looking back if you worked so many years at the same job!

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