Friday, October 10, 2014

"Bro": A Teen's Struggle with His Brother's Disability

Below is a lovely short film, a coming-of-age type of story about teenage Simon, who struggles to come to terms with his brother's disability. Simon's brother, Mark, has Fragile X Syndrome, also known as Martin-Bell Syndrome, which is the most common form of inherited intellectual disabilities among males.

The film's contrasts between private and public scenes with Mark and Simon as well as the contrasts between Simon's isolated home life and the new freedom in which he indulges highlight the complexity of relationships, familial and otherwise, during adolescence. The pull between Simon's love for Mark and resentment of Mark's disability only further complicate these relationships. But Simon begins to see that the only one judging Mark, and therefore Simon, is Simon himself.

Give it a look! It's about 18 minutes and worth the time it takes to watch. 

Bro from Chris Dundon-Smith on Vimeo.

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