Friday, February 28, 2014

Peace Corps Week! // A Dance to Make You Feel Good

Hey, all! Did you know this week (February 23 - March 1) is Peace Corps week? On March 1st, 1961, the Peace Corps was established by President Kennedy. During this week, the Peace Corps celebrates the many ways people make differences at home and abroad. We at Kiwanis are all about commitment to service, helping one another, and growing our community, so we thought we'd pass along Peace Corps' reminder to continue working toward a strong, loving local and world community. 

Sounds like Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp! Hard work, but so rewarding.

Some of you know that Peace Corps has a special place in my heart; my sister has been serving in Liberia, Africa for a year and a half. But Peace Corps also has a bigger connection to Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. MHKC's lovely Linsday Lowe was in the Peace Corps before she joined the Kiwanis team. She is dedicated to helping others, and we are so thankful for her contributions to making camp all that it is. Lindsay has definitely carried the Peace Corps "commitment to service" to MHKC. Thanks, Lindsay!

If you all will humor me and forgive my lack of clever segue, I just really wanted to share this video I found. Sisters Quincy and Gracie Latkovski love dancing, and even though Gracie has cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, she still pulls off an amazing and inspiring routine with her sister. Check it out, and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having!

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