Friday, December 27, 2013

"They Said Yes!": A College Acceptance

Do you have post-holiday blues? Or maybe you're in good spirits and would like to stay that way? Luckily Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp at Portland State has just the pick-me-up/keep-me-going for you!

Rion when he hears the good news.
Rion Holcombe wasn't home when the envelope from ClemsonLIFE at Clemson University arrived, but his parents, Danny and Susan Holcombe, were. They knew that Rion, who has Down Syndrome, had been accepted to Clemson and were ready with camera when Rion eventually received the good news himself.

“I got accepted? They said yes?” Rion asks in tones of excited disbelief.

“They said yes!” Danny says. “What do you say?”

“Yes! This is crazy!”

Rion's parents say they are very excited for their son, but as parents, they are “not real excited about him leaving home.” However, they are extremely happy and thankful that their son actually has the opportunity to go to school, noting that at the time he was born, this would not have been possible.

ClemsonLIFE is a two year program at Clemson University in South Carolina that is specially designed for students with intellectual disabilities. It gives students the opportunity to live independently on campus while incorporating functional academics, employment skills and opportunities, social and leisure skills, counseling, and self-advocacy.

Rion couldn't be more excited to be part of the program.

“He's not looking back at all,” Danny says. “We asked him if he'd miss us, and his response was, 'Maybe eventually!'”

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