Friday, June 14, 2013

Let the Camp Countdown Begin!

Can you believe how close camp is? Summer break has officially arrived, and the first session of camp begins in a week! I was poking around the Kiwanis Camp Facebook page (not to be confused with the Kiwanis Camp Capstone Facebook page), and I saw people sharing some of their favorite memories from pervious years of camp. To get you all pumped for camp (as if you really needed more excitement), assuage some of the anxieties new counselors might be feeling, and share with non-Kiwanians some of the sentiments of camp, I have decided to share some of these memories and the love that comes with them right here in the hope that more people will get a fuller understanding of MHKC.

And now, in no particular order, favorite camp memories!

  1. The annual F&G synchronized swimming contests

  2. “No matter how lame my jokes were my campers always laughed whole heartedly.”

  3. Berit falling in the fish pond

  4. How campers get to just “be”

  5. Campers having fun, trying new things, and seeing their smiley faces on the adventure course

  6. “I love when Marilee sings the song: How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than beautiful... And she looks into the crowd and then turns around and looks the staff in the eyes, I cry everytime!”

  7. Adventure Kelly as the last raisin

  8. Dancing

  9. BBQ/Skit night

  10. Meeting new friends and counselors

  11. “My favorite memory was when Berit was in my group and he let me dress him up like a girl, and put make up on him when we got ready for the dance.”

  12. Seeing old friends and staff

  13. Meeting new peers

  14. White water rafting and water guns while rafting

  15. Horses

  16. Swimming

  17. “I still have a thank you card from a camper's grandparents from when I was a counselor in 1998! Camp was one of the reasons I became a Teacher!”

Finally, I would like to share a quote that was mixed in with the memory comments:
"So many wonderful memories over the years! I love camp!! The community that we build with the counselors, campers and staff in just a week is life-chaning and a beautiful experience for everyone! One reason I keep coming back, my heart and soul belongs up at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp!! Wouldn't trade any of it!!"

Exciting, right? What other memories do you have, or what are you looking forward to most this summer at camp? Share here and/or on our Facebook page!

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