Friday, August 17, 2012

Ann Fullerton and Kiwanis Capstone win Civic Engagement Award

Hard work isn’t always recognized, but when it is, how sweet it can be!  If you’ve worked up at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp or known somebody who has you might be aware of how hard it is to explain to someone how much amount of effort and care everyone puts in up there. It always seems to be one of those conversations that begins with you saying "It's crazy up there!" and ends with you saying, "No, really, it's crazy up there!" We go to camp for reasons other than recognition; we don't expect it, and we don't always get it.

That changed this past May when Ann Fullerton was recognized with an award for excellence in Community-Based Teaching and Learning at PSU’s annual Civic Engagement Award Ceremony. This award ceremony was built “to showcase and celebrate the civic engagement efforts of PSU faculty and community-based partners," and to "recognize exemplary civic engagement efforts.”

The Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp and Ann Fullerton couldn’t be more deserving. The partnership she has created with Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp is nothing short of magical. For the last twenty years, Ann has been an integral part of not only establishing the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp capstone but in maintaining it as a legitimate option for students of all majors. It hasn't been easy; push back has come from people wondering if Kiwanis is academic enough or whether the experience offers a well-rounded University Studies curriculum. Against all of this, Ann has been the perfect ambassador for the camp, always willing to listen to new ideas but never willing to think of camp as anything less than an educational and valuable experience. 

Ann has truly let “knowledge serve the city” and the city serve knowledge to our PSU community in the dazzling and reciprocal relationships we see every summer. Congratulations Ann, PSU students and the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp!

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  1. I am so proud to know Ann and work with her. She is a shining inspiration for many that work with people with disabilities. She and all Camp Kwanis staff are very deserving of this award for sure!