Monday, May 16, 2016

MHKC camper Eli Kerr featured on KGW

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp camper Eli Kerr has been featured on local news station KGW!  The story details the teenager’s unique “promposal” to his friend Megan Schiedler.

Kerr and Schiedler met when they were just three months old, in a play group for children who have Down syndrome.  The two have been friends ever since, and they both go to Lake Oswego High School, where they have attended dances before.  But as a senior, this year would be Kerr’s last prom.

Kerr made a sign to ask Schiedler to prom, one that read “Megan, Be My Girl at Prom?”  Kerr is in choir, and a fellow singer explained that he loves the song “My Girl.”  So he asked the rest of the choir for some help with his request.

On the day of the proposal, Schiedler was brought out of her art class to find Kerr waiting for her in a suit, a line of choir singers behind him, all singing “My Girl.”

The choir made one small change to the words of the song: in later versions of the chorus, where the original song says “talking ‘bout my girl,” the Lake Oswego High School choir sang “talking ‘bout Megan.”

When the song was finished, Kerr asked Schiedler he could take her to prom, and she said “yes.”  Multiple times, onlookers report.

It was a promposal that Kerr had put a lot of time and effort into to make possible; he worked for hours with his speech therapist to be able to properly annunciate all the lyrics to “My Girl.”

The scene was meaningful not only to Kerr and Schiedler and friends.  Schiedler’s mother said that years ago, as she held her newborn baby Megan, one of her thoughts was about whether her daughter would ever go to prom.  Now, she says that not only has Megan been asked, she has been asked in a very special way.

You can read the story, and watch the full video of the promposal, on KGW here.


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