Monday, May 30, 2016

Letters to Future Counselors V

A photo of a line of people facing away from the camera, their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders.  They are sitting on a flat, man-made rock formation.  They stare out at a deep blue lake and, beyond that, the lightly snow-covered Mt. Hood.  There is a yellow canoe on the right side of the lake, standing out starkly against the blue water, and some other canoes are farther back.  On the right of the photo, a few beached canoes can be seen resting on the shore.  Thick, dark green trees surround the lake, and a few wispy white and gray clouds are in the light blue sky.
Photo Courtesy of Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp

As we come to the end of Spring term, many students will be looking ahead toward summer term and their session at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.  To help put to rest any last-minute jitters, we have some more advice from former counselors, written as part of the “Letters to Future Counselors” assignment they receive at camp.  You can read more letters like this by browsing our Letters to Future Counselors tag.

Have a wonderful summer, and good luck at camp!

(Please note that letters may be lightly edited, and names are removed for privacy reasons.)

First letter:

Expect to get a life experience that you will never forget.  Don’t dream about having the same living situation as your home, but the experience of a traveler that you will miss many things yet, have unforgettable and rewarding experience I would guarantee you will never regret!


And second letter:

I was excited and nervous the first day of camp.  Meeting my camper made me want to puke, I prayed he’d like me and that it would be an experience I’d never forget—and it was.  Campers come in various flavors, and they are just like us: moody, funny, sad, happy, and tired.  But, no matter what flavor they are, each of them has something that sparkles brighter than any trait I possess.  A person with a disability has experienced life in a completely different way than I have—I have learned more from my campers than I could have imagined.  Here are some practical tips:  Bring a battery powered alarm clock; bug repellant and sunscreen will make your post-camp life easier; get to know your fellow counselors.  I wish this note could be more informative, but I feel like no amount of training or supplies could prepare me for this amazing experience.


We hope you enjoyed these letters, and from all of us here at the MHKC capstone, have a very happy summer!

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