Friday, January 10, 2014

Camper Story - "Michael George: The Entertainer"

A little while back, we posted on the Kiwanis Capstone Facebook page that there would be some exciting content changes regarding this blog. Today, we bring you the first of those changes!

At the end of every camp session, some counselors get the opportunity to interview their campers and their campers' families. The stories that come out of these interviews give a unique look at what camper life is like outside of camp. Most campers and counselors only get to know one another within the context of MHKC, so these camper stories are super rad. 

What follows is the beginning of one of these stories, written about camper Michael George. The full story will be posted soon on the MHKC Capstone website; we will keep you updated! For now, here's a little teaser to give you lovely readers an inside look at camper life:

Michael George: The Entertainer

Dinner ends and people filter out of Fanning Hall to the small amphitheater-shaped collection of rustic wooden benches facing a stage where campfire is held each evening. The audience is soon filled with animated campers, singing and dancing, with coordinating hand movements to a song about a tree in a bog. "Rattlin' Bog" is a camp favorite, and is usually sung at one of the first campfires of the week. As the chorus begins, the excitement builds, the volume picks up, the dancing becomes increasingly enthusiastic as it reaches the catch phrase of the tune: "Bog down in the valley-o!" One voice rings louder than the rest, and that voice belongs to Michael George.
Anybody who has been at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp with Michael would easily recognize and remember him. Michael is a performer. Being on stage or in front of a group is something Michael is not only very comfortable with, but also something he loves. 
Whether it is performing a skit with the campers in his group or leading a camp song, Michael shines in the spotlight. 
When Michael has the chance to perform, he's not just singing and dancing. Michael also enjoys playing musical instruments. He has taken music lessons in both harmonica and guitar, and has participated in choir. When Michael comes to camp, he brings his ukulele and sings on stage with the Kiwanians during BBQ dinner the last night of camp.
Michael has loved music all his life, and he particularly loves classic rock--All kinds of classic rock. Jimmy Buffett and Billy Joel are two of Michael's favorite artists, but he especially loves The Beatles. He has many favorite Beatles songs, and really loves the song "Twist and Shout." On a recent trip to Las Vegas with his family, Michael got to see a Beatles tribute group perform. Even more exciting is during the performance "Paul McCartney" pulled Michael on stage to sing, dance, and play the tambourine.

There you have it, folks! Our fun little teaser. I hope it's a welcome change from our usual content and gives you a fuller understanding of why we love Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. Remember, we will let you know here and on Facebook when the full story is up.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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