Monday, May 4, 2015

An Introduction

Greetings, everyone!  I am the new Social Media Manager for the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Capstone, taking over for the lovely Shelley, who is graduating this term.  I'm excited to get to know you all and be a part of this amazing community.

A little about me: I'm a junior here at PSU, majoring in English, Social Science, and Liberal Studies, and minoring in Writing.  I haven't been to Kiwanis Camp yet, but I am hoping to schedule a trip this summer so I can go out and meet all of you.  I've already seen the pictures and videos on this blog and in the Kiwanis Office (located in the Graduate School of Education room 204), and I've been able to meet two future Capstone attendees during the filming of a new before-and-after video we're putting together about the camp experience.  Look for that video in a few months.

Here at the Kiwanis Camp capstone, we're always looking to improve our social media presence, and especially with this recent change of staff we are very interested in hearing community feedback.  So, to our past attendees, future attendees, and especially prospective attendees:  What kind of content would you like to see from us?  Up to now, we've been focusing on stories that affect the disability community and doing write-ups of those stories here on the blog.  We still want to do that, but we're thinking about posting both short and long pieces, as well multimedia like videos and podcasts to keep things interesting.  Additionally, we'd like to shift the focus more toward camp life and what exactly goes on during the two weeks that counselors spend on site. 

We'd also like to know which social media platforms you'd most like us to be on.  Right now in addition to this blog, we have a Facebook and a Twitter.  The blog will likely always be on this platform (to function as an easy place for students to find stories for projects), but we could also host it on Instagram and/or Tumblr or other places if you would find that useful.  Let us know where you'd like to see us!  Share your ideas in the comments to this post or on Facebook or Twitter

Thank you for reading this, and as we say in my hometown,

Don't Forget to be Awesome.

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