Friday, February 20, 2015

Opening Our Ears to the Deaf (And Our Minds to Others)

A friend shared this with me, and I thought I would pass it along. The speaker, Pamela Weisman, tells about the events that led her to see that she had been ignoring a large group of people: the Deaf community. She talks about the ways in which the hearing community marks Deaf people as disabled by calling them "impaired", and she discusses community pride as well as the benefits of non-verbal communication. While she talks specifically about the Deaf community, many of her points can be applied to other under-represented communities, like the disability community.

"The Deaf don't need to be avoided, and we don't need to feel sorry for them. Deafness shouldn't be viewed as an impairment, but rather, a difference. A culture."

Sounds reasonable, right? Check out her talk below, and have a great weekend! :)


ALSO! An interesting note: If you go to this video on YouTube, read some of the comments. Many of them harken back to our post about TEDx providing captions for their videos. We hope this happens soon (because anyone who has tried using YouTube's captions knows how questionable they can be).

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