Friday, January 30, 2015

Couple Hopes to Open School for Children with Autism

A couple in Knoxville, Arizona have decided to open a school designed just for students with special needs. 

This isn't the first time Brent and Jaime Hemsley have made a push to help children with disabilities--last year they successfully campaigned to buy a three year-old boy a $30,000 power wheelchair--but it is their largest endeavor. Their school, a non-profit called Autism Achievement Academy, would be the first of its kind in Knoxville. 

"We're scared to death," says Brent. But they've already got the land picked out and a fundraising campaign underway.

Inspiration came from Brent and Jaime's four year-old son, Logan, who was diagnosed with autism just before his third birthday. With the help of two different specialists, Logan's development has seen much improvement. The couple thought they would never hear their son speak, but a couple months ago, Logan said "I love you" when being tucked in to bed.

However, the expert-recommended 40 hours of therapy per week is not covered by insurance, so costs add up. The Hemsleys know they are not the only parent who face this dilemma. So they have decided to open a school to help.

It's a huge task, but as Jaime says, "If I can help just one other person, it's all worth it,"

Check out the Autism Achievement Academy's website and their Go Fund Me page to learn more.

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  1. It's actually Knoxville Tennessee, but thank you so very much for posting this story about our school!
    Here's the most recent story, done by a different news station in town: