Friday, November 1, 2013

Superhero Profile: Stephanne Beauchamp, MHKC Staff Member

Last year around this time, I posted an interview with Kiwanis Camp counselor, Jimmy Lorang. This November, I've got a little profile of SUPERHERO Kiwanis staff member Stephanne Beauchamp, who has been part of the MHKC League of Goodness and Fun for the past three years.


Basic Information
Alias(es) Stephanne Beauchamp
First appearance 2010
Alignment Good

Gender Female
Race Human
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown/Black

Occupation Senior HR generalist/consultant
Camp Occupation Counselor supervisor
Camp Base Trillium Lake

School Portland State University
Studies BS in Communication
Capstone MHKC counselor


As a senior in college at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, Stephanne Beauchamp decided to complete her capstone project by serving as a counselor at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, a fun and well-spirited camp for people of all abilities. It wasn't long before she realized this camp had an astounding force of good unseen to the average eye. During those two weeks at camp, Stephanne vowed to commit herself to a life of love, empathy, and goodness, and has since gone back to camp as a staff member. She calls MHKC her “chicken soup for the soul”.

Stephanne (right) with a fellow superhero!
Favorite Adventure
During her first summer at camp, Stephanne met Kiwanis camper, Jason. Jason was nonverbal, but he was excellent at using combinations of signs, gestures, and charades to communicate. By their second day together, Stephanne and Jason had fallen effortlessly into their own way of communicating. On the third day, though, Stephanne ran into a snag. Jason had been trying to tell her something while they were practicing the group skit for the Thursday night family barbeque, but she could not figure it out. Jason gestured toward the side of his neck, and all Stephanne could think of was Dracula or being bitten. This went on for five days, and Jason never lost his patience or got frustrated that Stephanne wasn't understanding. Finally, on the afternoon of the performance, another camper walked by and said nonchalantly, “He is referring to the Twilight movie!” Stephanne knew then that not only was camp was a place for campers to be themselves, but it was also a place she could learn from them.

Powers & Abilities

Motherly Empathy
Stephanne has two small children of her own who, while also acting as supreme sidekicks, help her understand the love, strength, commitment, and dedication it must take to be the parent of a child with a disability. She hopes she does a good job as a parent so that her children can successfully “leave the nest and fly on their own” and can only imagine the superhero status of parents who take on a lifetime of care and support for their children.
Open Heart and Mind
Going into camp with an open heart ensures that it will be completely filled with contentment by the end. Along with taking in the full impact of the MHKC experience, going to camp open and ready to have a change in perspective is Stephanne's biggest piece of advice for new counselors.
Continued Commitment to Good
Stephanne hopes that Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp will continue to provide a sanctuary for campers to meet one another and enjoy themselves. Of course, she also hopes that the camp will get more funding so that it can continue to expand and reach out to as many families and people with disabilities as possible so those people can continue to teach others about what it means to live.
Ability to Connect Worlds
As an Human Resources consultant for small to medium-sized businesses, Stephanne has the opportunity to advocate, teach, and encourage local businesses to employ people with disabilities. She loves that she is able to bridge two worlds in a non-traditional way.
Super Canoeing Powers
This is just conjecture. :)

Here's a special thanks to Superhero Stephanne for making this post possible.
Do you or anyone you know want to become a Kiwanis Camp hero? Click here for more information about becoming a camp counselor!

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  1. What a fantastic person she is and how lucky we are to have people like her in our midst. She would
    make a great vocational rehab. counselor too.