Friday, August 2, 2013

Dads of Disability

Awhile back, I shared an article on Twitter from The Good Men Project, a collection of anthologies and articles that look at the role of the 21st century man, called “Disability is About the 'Other' Until It Isn't”. I recommend giving it a look if you haven't already. But finish reading this first, because that article prompted me to write this, and I will bring it all together. :)

Dads of Disability is an awesome book project that, according to project creator, Gary Dietz, addresses the scarcity of stories by and about fathers of children with disabilities. Dietz's goal is to offer support to fathers of children with disabilities by compiling and sharing different experiences in a single book entitled Dads of Disability: Stories For, By, and About Fathers of Children That Experience Disability (and the Women Who Love Them). It says it's for dads, but Dietz makes it clear that the project is definitely not a “no girls allowed” sort of deal. It's an inclusive endeavor for men and women of all races, ages, and abilities.

With that said, here's the super cool (in my eyes) part: Dietz is asking for people to submit stories to be included in the book. The stories can be on a variety of topics, but the idea is to keep the focus on a specific temporal, physical, or emotional event in a father's life. So, it's not really a book about understanding disability specifically; it's more of a coping tool, a form of sharing and connecting to other people who may or may not be in similar situations. Poems and drawings may also be submitted, which are another awesome option for those who are so inclined. OR! If you want to donate to the project, you can check out that Kickstarter page and, depending on your donation, get some nice rewards.

Now you may go read that first article! It's written by Dietz, and it poses a very thought provoking scenario that I feel is worth probing you all to read. If his book project doesn't grab your interest yet, reading his article may do a nice job of changing that.

Are any of you interested in submitting an essay? Or maybe a poem or drawing? I think it sounds like a great opportunity to share experiences and strengthen a community.  


  1. Thanks for that wonderful post about my project. Regardless of the (financial) result of the Kickstarter, the project will move forward. Please spread the word!

    Many thanks,

    Gary Dietz

    1. Thank you, too! It sounds like a great project. :)